HARDY ANNALS: read the latest part of this hopeful odyssey set in 1979


This is an unfinished entry in which I explain that the HARDY ANNALS will eventually be a book, a graphic novel, and a cyclopedia and a recipe book and a stage-play and a range of action figures, mugs t-shirts and tea towels.

The novel tells the story of a working class boy from South Manchester who eventually becomes a successful FTL astronaut in 2049, returning to a vastly changed and devastated world in which he must… Blah blah

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A bot and his dog*

It’s March 2039 and we see Sergeant (Covert Ops) T.J.Hardy posing for a photo-op, the day before what the media now call the Brazilian Orphanage Incident.



* “A boy and his dog” – terrible film, starring a pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson, and a dog, based on the Harlan Ellison novella of the same name.

The evidence is clear: learning styles theory doesn’t work | Aeon Essays


It’d be nice if amongst all this this academic verbiage, somebody mentioned Peter Honey who invented the Learning Styles Questionnaire and started the rot. His legacy? Endless mindmap diagrams never looked at again and a women’s magazine questionnaire that gives participants a lovely warm sense of ‘that’s me, that is’.

And no mention of the actual Kolb Learning Cycle on which this farago of reification is based.

The Kolb cycle is potentially profound, if understood and applied sensibly. If you add the extra stage of Publishing it becomes even more powerful.

Processes. Cycles.

Not points, not questionnaires, not tests.

Try thinking.

How Nextdoor Put Neighbors In a Housing Policy ‘Cage Match’


Yet another example of anti social media.

We need a human right to forget.

Israelis protest – for some, not all

A long voice of reason on Israel

Bernard Spiegal

So, Israelis know how to protest. They can be roused.

Generally quiescent and indifferent to burning injustices – the murderous iniquities – that their state daily perpetrates against Palestinians, when their own interests are pricked, they know how to yelp.

And yelp they do, furious at the impending curtailment of their freedoms, the potential diluting of their God-given right to live in a democracy. A tainted, exclusionary democracy, a Jews-only democracy, to be sure. But it’s theirs and they intend to keep it. Hands off! One hundred thousand Israeli citizens in Tel Aviv marched in protest against the new government, with notable, but smaller demonstrations in Jerusalem, and smaller towns.

The newly formed Netanyahu government comprises, at its core, an amalgam of overt racists, homophobes, religious ultras, along with proponents of a Greater Israel eager to annexe all, or great swathes of, the Occupied West Bank. They will brook no…

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What to Know About the Corecore Aesthetic Taking Over TikTok | Time

Corecore, which has racked up hundreds of millions of views on TikTok, is a form of visual poetry that is meant to evoke certain emotions.
— Read on time.com/6248637/corecore-tiktok-aesthetic/

That’s some weird-ass fecked-up shit right there, blud

I Helped Thousands of Teens Impacted By Book Bans. Here’s What They Had To Say


Fuq work; I play or sleep

A Society That Can’t Get Enough of Work


I’m not a racist butt


At least someone has made it to the other side of a woke PC minefield!

Obviously he is black

But that doesn’t mean…. Blahblah*

Because gentle human enquiry is being weaponised into hateful shaming, this author is suggesting, IMHO, so .

Read him!

*to continue this ask a Brexshitter

Why does nobody respond to my article on Lin Kedin?

For Ben Taylor, one of the 13 honest management consultants in the UK

Study Suggests That Hardware Buttons in Cars Are Safer and Quicker to Use Than Touchscreens


File under: SOTB

Statements of the Bleeding Obvious

They don’t care about governing, you Grauniad twerp, they just want to block you reversing anything.


The speaker of the House debacle is the Maga revolution eating its children | Jan-Werner Müller | The Guardian

They’ve grabbed everything they can while you’ve been watching the capering clowns. Now all they need to do is stop you realising that and don’t anything meaningful: the gutted Right to Repair bill is a perfect example.

Meanwhile in Brexitania…


The Conservatives are several stages further down this road than the Republicans, perhaps because their power has been uninterrupted throughout. But in both cases, and others, the shift is unmistakable. Once parties of the right saw themselves as the obvious custodians of state authority: the natural party of government. Now they are happier shaking their fists at those they insist are really in charge. They are becoming the natural party of opposition.

Those really in charge are the multinationals, you dolt.

Our chocolate teapot party, like a cardboard driver on a DLR train.

This bloke has a bit more of a clue …


Profound danger”: Two years after Jan. 6, the insurrection is still ongoing
The architects of the attempted coup are poised to take back control of the very chamber their minions desecrated