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This page tells you a little about me and my blogIf you navigate to the menu and click on pdf | download  you can download various leaflets – more soon. You can email me via: arthur DOT battram DOT plexity AT gmail.com (copy it and remove the DOTS and the AT: we do this to foil spambots)

about me

PleXity is the consultancy name used by Arthur Battram. I’m a coach to managers, a writer, a presenter to huge, large and small audiences, a teacher of adults, and you can call me a ‘consultant’ if you must.

I specialise in helping people think about key concerns and projects in different creative ways, using insights from complexity theory and human playfulness.

I’m the author of ‘Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to complexity theory in business and management’ which was the number one bestseller for its publisher in both hardback and paperback. It is currently out of print and being revised as we speak, for a new academic edition to be published by ISCE.

The book




Roffey Park Institute in Surrey described me like this: “Arthur Battram is a leading thinker, consultant and practitioner. He is also a writer, an editor and designer and a ‘critical friend’.”

I’m a speaker at national and international conferences. I’ve been a visiting lecturer and research associate at Manchester Business School, Aston Business School, Warwick University and the London School of Economics. My book, ‘Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to complexity theory in business and management’, was twice a #1 bestseller for the Industrial Society.

In the field of playwork, a subset of community work from my perspective, sitting nervously in between childcare and youth work, I have presented, spoken or ‘workshopped’ (ugh) at most of the big playwork conferences and many of the smaller cuddlier ones, ranging from Bath Area Play Association to PlayEducation, London Play, PlayWales’ ‘Spirit’ and Meynell’s annual National Playwork conference. Eons before that I was, and still am sometimes, a playwork trainer or coach or teacher or mentor (you choose), from when I was training officer at BAPA in Bradford to my present work for my own outfit.

As you can appreciate,  I have worked across two seemingly contradictory fields:
• management consultancy and coaching; and
• children’s play and community work.

This makes my approach to working with people rather distinctive: I try to learn from both fields, applying the learning from one to the other in a ‘complex synergistic feedback loop’ to deploy the sort of jargon I try to avoid.

“With more than twenty years as a trainer, coach and mentor, Arthur treats his subject matter as utterly serious and utterly playful, drawing on his deep experience of management, community development and playwork.”

this is a provisional document | latest update | Monday, March 4, 2013  

about this blog

This is Arthur Battram’s blog. It has two main parts:

a.  various pages of more considered writings, some downloadable as PDFs (soon) and

b.  my ‘scraplog’ (scrap-blog), a scrapbook of interesting things.

If you know me, and even if you don’t, you may find it interesting enough to visit or ‘follow’. I hope it will become a bit like visiting the library in my study and picking up a few books or pictures, or objects or writings, at random.

This is not my personal journal, nor is it my work-related website. My personal journal is personal and as I said above, I don’t yet have a work-related website.

The sort of things I’m interested in include, in semi- random order: management; play; complex systems, coaching; biology; designing information; creativity; change; learning; graphic design; quirkiness; human systems; pertinent use of technology; childrearing; society; science; love; philosophy; the English tea ceremony; haiku, haiga, and haibunga; the moist green hills of Wales; compassion, forgiveness, ‘peace love and understanding’, MLK and his tough minded and tender hearted-ness; the West Coast of Scotland, Clynelish, Mortlach, Rowan’s Creek, fountain pens, crisp cream paper, small boxes, hippeastra, patterns in nature, Mohammed Bouazizi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malala…

this is a provisional document | latest update | Monday, March 4, 2013 

3 thoughts on “about this blog

  1. Our careers have much in common. Now long retired I continue to take a lively interest in the play world locally, nationally and internationally. See you at a meeting of IPA/UK sometime.

  2. Feel as though I ‘just found you!’ First encounter with your mind was your article, ‘Debunking the Myth of the 10,000-Hours Rule: What It Actually Takes to Reach Genius-Level Excellence’ in Brain Pickings. The title itself gave me hope, as I am in anew phase of life and recreating my self and career. But what really truly made write (the morning of my son’s departmental graduation, with nothing else to do…) was your emotional connection to the hyacinth. I was searching for the true author of the ‘bread/hyacinth’ poem, and was led to you. Christmas morning of my 18th year was spent in France, away from family, and my sole gift from my dear hosts, was a single crisp and perfect blue hyacinth. It was a revelation enclosed in a sensory experience, and I take hyacinth very seriously. I look forward to exploring your blog and reading your book.
    Thank you,

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