‘Zomes at the Edge of Chaos’: good enough systems’ | A.P.Battram | (independent contributions to playwork theory #1)

This is a holding page, currently under revision.


  • The Wave System diagram: 4 system states
  • The 4th state ‘the Edge of Chaos’: what it is and isn’t
  • How it applies to human systems in particular:
    • a playing child
    • a group of children engaged in ‘Three Frees’ play
    • playworkers
    • management
    • organisations
  • The holding environment
  • ‘Good enough’ a a judgment about the behaviour of systems
  • systems in focus (after Stafford Beer)
  • Zomes [revised]
  • differences between Zomes and Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems model
  • differences between Zomes and the Manchester Circles model


Zomes at the Edge of Chaos’: good enough systems“, Arthur Battram,  9/9/14, blog, https://plexity.wordpress.com/zomes-at-the-edge-of-chaos-good-enough-systems-a-p-battram-independent-contributions-to-playwork-theory-1, accessed Tuesday, September 9, 2014




wavey arturo wrong typo

wave system diagram

please click to enlarge

zomes old version

zomes old version


draft not for publication last amended  4:01 PM,Tuesday, September 9, 2014. Arthur Battram 

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