Executive pay soars while the young poor face freefall. Where is Labour?

Stealing cheese, ffs.

Executive pay soars while the young poor face freefall. Where is Labour? – http://feeds.guardian.co.uk/~r/theguardian/commentisfree/rss/~3/eisBe612bjs/executive-pay-young-poor-labour-anger

I love the comment that cheese is stolen because it is easily sold. ‘Ere mate, wanna score some E-mental?  Double Glos, very strong, Sorted for Chizz and Brie, innit?



This posting doesn’t have a heading that’s because…

This posting doesn’t have a heading, that’s because it is entered on a desktop machine* via a browser**, rather than from the SUPERIOR android WordPress app.


Very very interesting item. Lying as a topic, and bad TV.

What I take from it is this:


What is the noun, is shrewdity, shrewdience, shrewdness? The latter probably, boringly.

What happened to shrewdness? I suspet it vanished at the same time that multi-tasking became fashionable. In the same accident, the deaths of free-speech, free-thinking and the near-fatal injuries to critical thinking were reported. The authorities said ”Someone must be at fault. There must be reasons, and blame. Someone did this. Someone is to blame. We do not accept that the world is complex, and we reject the charge that we have further encomplicated it“.

The Shrewd is an endangered species. Save the shrewd!

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