This beauteous latinic tintinambulationing reminds me that I have never understood American racism. Maybe it’s jealousy; that might make some kind of sense. But I’m not jealous; instead I’m awestruck. Of course it helps if you know the tune: start with Doris Day’s ‘straight’ version (nothing straighter is available!), then check out Cannonball and Mileses version on Somethin’ Else, then this. Jazz is play, bitches: if they aren’t having fun, and crucially, if WE aren’t having fun, then why the fuck would anyone bother? Watch the video closely to see the magnificent fun being had! Btw, Ahmad turned 90 in July. “We don’t stop playing when we get old, we get old when we stop playing…”

One thought on “JAZZ IS PLAY!

  1. this is truly delightful. Don’t you just love bass players! His role (or her role) in providing the underlying stability in this track, which allows others to play around, particularly Ahmed, it’s so important. It is reminiscent to me at any rate of the work that the bass player in Joe Harriott’s Indo Jazz Double Quintet took in their 1966 track Contrasts. The music is not equivalent, it’s just that one of the things that Music does too and for me is to remind me of other music.

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