Rebel, rebel, your workplace is a mess…

By which I mean that it should be, intellectually speaking. I’ll explain. This article, which the best I’ve read in ages from the once mighty HBR, talks about creating the conditions for workers to break rules, challenge conformity, yada yada, in order to do a better job. But of course. 

So if you do all that in your outfit, it will be messier, because rebels are a bit messy. But hey, you’re worth it.

Where it scores is in the depth of practical thought-provoking suggestions, and detail,  which goes well beyond the usual half-assed liberal encouragement of diversity; which in any case, is never extended to the neuroatypical, despite them being the paradigmatic exemplars of “Think Different”, to quote mid-90s Apple. How many Aspies do you employ? And do you use their talents fully?.

It also has a terrific ideas timeline, which although overwhelmingly North-Americocentric, with a wee dash of Eurocentric, is a brilliant way of succinctly pointing to all the shoulders of all the giants that the author is standing on (totally going to nick that idea).

Speaking as someone who has just got a job which might be considered to have some mild rebelly aspects within its roles and tasks —as in shake things up a bit, reinvigorate, challenge, that sort of language, I’m both pleased to read this piece and confirmed in my belief that. if I’m to do the job I’m being asked to do, I need to go a bit further, maybe…. than has been, so far, welcomed. How far is too far, said the downhill mountainbiker, how fast is too fast? Only one way to find out…

Yet, oddly, I think managers will find this piece strangely reassuring…


I love comments, all comments…

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