Yūgen (幽玄) – Deep Awareness of the Universe

“Yūgen is an important concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics. The exact translation of the word depends on the context. Yūgen is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world,…”

Source: Yūgen (幽玄) – Deep Awareness of the Universe

“If the seas represent potential then each thing is like a wave arising from it and returning to it. There are no permanent waves. There are no perfect waves. At no point is a wave complete, even at its peak. Nature is seen as a dynamic whole that is to be admired and appreciated.”

Which is why systems thinkers should study these ideas.


6 thoughts on “Yūgen (幽玄) – Deep Awareness of the Universe

    • Because Google. Thanks to Google, if you google high school student or office worker you get white people. If you google protester, then you get black people. Thanks Google.

      And, hurtfully, if you google ‘systems thinking in public services’ to pick an example at random, you get ‘Vanguard’.

  1. I have been to the Zen garden in the linked photo – last Easter. It’s at a fantastic temple in Kyoto. It has a wonderful atmosphere. I did play a bit of Angry Birds there though 😦

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