A&E for Mail

What happens at A&E?  Triage. Can we do triage on email? Yes. What would it consist of? Let’s see.

OK, two scenarios, which together remind me of Richard Pryor’s awesome and charming ‘Black people and snakes’ routine

(some details, but no video, shame at http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/columns/seate/s_630933.html)


Scenario A : an office, somewhere

Somebody in your office, in a meeting with some other people cuts their hand really badly with the blunt disposable craft knife (that has been kicking around in an a plastic toolbox known as ‘The Box Of Meeting Stuff’), as they are trimming some flipchart paper down to quarter size for an activity. Lots of blood. Scenes of mild panic as the movie classification people say. OMG, OMG! Hold on don’t panic! Where’s the first aid box. I don’t know, do we have one? YES, its a legal requirement! Well, I don’t know, where’s Dave (the boss) He’s in a meeting. Ask Gladys! She’s on her lunch break.. Meanwhile Gary is bleeding out, you wouldn’t mind so much but it’s all over YOUR laptop keyboard…

Scenario B: your local hospital, A&E

What’s this? Yes that looks quite naughty, hold it over your head. To slow down the bleeding. Put this round it (hands wad of tissue to victim), hold it tight.

Things to remember…

…when you’re really really really busy and up against a deadline and let’s face it in a bit of a flap, way behind and there’s a thing you cannot delay or change at all and its really really important, and an email arrives…

  1. Pause
  2. Deep breath in, holddd, exhale slo w w l y and repeat
  3. Now actually read it slo w w l y
  4. Then think, think for a few moments
  5. Then respond.

Thank you, I’m here all week.

File under: we wouldn’t have to teach grandad to suck eggs if he didn’t keep doing it wrong





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