Is it Leadership or Management? Neither.

Is it Leadership or Management? It’s neither.

There are endless debates about Leadership or Management, is issue X a leadership issue or a management issue, do they need leadership training or management training and what’s the difference, yada yada.
I can hear the sound of knuckles being cracked as keyboard warriors prepare to gurusplain* it to me. Beat you to it, here’s my definition: “Management looks INSIDE the organisation, andnotbut™, Leadership looks OUTSIDE the organisation*.” It’s about your attention and where you direct it, and why. But that isn’t what I wanted to talk about just now.

The NEITHER is this: it’s FAMILY.

Family is the Primitive Underpinning Relevant Explanation = the PURE**. Sometimes you lead a family, sometimes you manage them. Sometimes you are managed, or not, by your mum or dad, sometimes you don’t have one or neither of your parents. Sometimes you, or your mum or dad lead superbly, and sometimes you or they, or your brother or sister, or uncle or auntie or family friend, fuck it up completely. Andnotbut™ unless your family is completely dysfunctional, as some are, you forgive and move on.

Now, does that not help to nudge you onto a different path as you navigate the ‘Forest of Leadership and Management’ looking for the Veedon Fleece***?


I hope so.



*Gurusplain. Like man-splaining, which the WickedpeedyKrew define as ‘portmanteau of the words man and explaining, define as “to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing”, gurusplaining is an uninvited explanation from a self-perceived expert in the comments on a blog. If you want to gurusplain, feel free to get your own blog and offer me the link, thanks. If, however, you have a comment, then please share here. More thanks.

**PURE = Primitive Underpinning Relevant Explanation. A concept which is general enough to have explanatory power in several, let’s call them arenas, or knowledge domains.

*** Veedon Fleece: speed-read down to the section called: About the title, and all shall be revealed, grasshopper…

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