The High Ground, Norfolk & Sophie’s Genius

A moving half-hour documentary, just out, about the 3000 children and young people with autism and learning disabilities, imprisoned in for-profit care homes at vast expense when they could be cared for far more cheaply at home. A bizarre and inhuman mess.

Love, Belief and Balls

What a thoroughly shit week.

I’m still trying to deal with the fall out from the “Mencap Interview”. I still don’t really understand the feelings that it has aroused in people. Yesterday, someone tweeted, rather vindictively: “There are two ways of campaigning. The right way and the Justice for LB way”. The same person was equally dismissive of 7 Days of Action. I don’t understand what prompts that degree of venom. I almost admire that double whammy of a tactic of being extremely wounded and hurt whilst adopting the moral high ground at the same time. It’s phenomenal because its got all bases covered.

Then since Wednesday, I’ve been trying to deal with Steven’s annual pre-holiday anxiety. Several meltdowns that social stories, picture charts don’t even touch. I’m actually hoarse from the number of times I’ve had to reassure and answer the following questions:

“Dad – put batteries in the…

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