Coydogs&pizzlies: the librarians are worried

You see, the thing is, shit happens. All over the woods. Bears shit in the woods, both polar bears heading south and grizzlies heading north, and they also have sex in the bushes. Hence Pizzlies (rubbish name, why not Grey bears?)

“Hybridization is one of the overlooked but clearly very, very important causes of species’ going extinct,” says Stuart Pimm, professor of conservation ecology at Duke University. “Hybridization is a major problem. It comes from our moving species around, it comes from our changing habitat.” 

Or not. This is the librarians approach to ecology. Conserve everything. Why? Even smallpox?

I’d rather accept that we aren’t in control and trust that “life will find a way”.

Many of the species that went extinct were a bit crap. Best example is pandas. Useless beasts. Any creature that decides to live entirely off one stupid tree with almost no nutrient value is basically committing very slow suicide. Millions have between wasted on these cuddly vegetarian idiots when there are other less cute, much more deserving, downright ugly critters that don’t convert easily to soft toys, so they get ignored.

It’s all part of the lackwit treehugging view of cuddly nature. Watch The Grey, starring Liam Neeson. This time it was the very big and seriously bad wulluff that had the unusual set of special skills that, even though it didn’t know what he wanted, enabled it to find him and kill him. And the ending wouldn’t have been any different if he was wearing a David Attenborough fan club hoodie and carrying his lifetime Friends of the Earth membership card.

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