Easy to Ignore

Profound implications for service design. As if.

It's complicated with my Exe

Yesterday morning I woke up stupidly early and it was soon clear I wasn’t going to get back to sleep. I thought that if I was up anyway, I might as well head to the office and be productive.

I walked into the city centre, but as I made my way down Old Tiverton Road, approaching the junction with Sidwell Street, I watched three thin figures – two women and a man – make their way on the same route, but pausing at each domestic bin that had been left out to sift through the contents nearest the top.

One woman held on to a high-strength cider can, and the male was clutching a small, tatty teddy bear – I imagine claimed from one of the bins. As they reached an office on the corner, I watched them lever open a wall-mounted cigarette bin, and as the contents fell to the…

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