Extraordinary photographs of playing children far away from adults


Glorious photos. But….

‘Play’ ?

For Bob’s sake, couldn’t you have come up with a more original title? One a tiny bit descriptive? I totally get the one word mystery title thing, but puhleeez…

How about:

Domain ?


Place ?


Far ?

Unless you were doing that ironic band name thing, you know, like The The, or The Band?


Love the photos though, love them.


One thought on “Extraordinary photographs of playing children far away from adults

  1. Notwithstanding the irony of the claim that the children are playing far away from adults when they are clearly very aware of the photographer, these are great photos.

    I think the Lord of the Flies quotes are silly though. A) Golding’s story was an analogy. It wasn’t about children but about society and ‘civilisation’. B) There is no imminent breakdown evident here, no descent into feral bloodlust. On the contrary the pictures convey, to me anyway, solidity and acceptance.

    It’s interesting Arthur that you take issue with her title for the collection: ‘Play’. I sometimes reflect that it would be easier to describe or convey (speculate or interpret?) what’s going on if the word didn’t exist. These pictures highlight why. It’s evident that these kids (I notice the essayist is unsure whether to even call them children, another word that sometimes obscures more than it illuminates) aren’t playing, in the most common senses of the word. They’re serious. What they’re doing is very real.

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