I should co-co: Co-Lead a Team (Warning: this is essentially vitriol. Kittens are available)

“We don’t lead alone. We lead with others. The days of the ‘Great Man’ theory of Leadership – where one sole leader rules over the masses from their ivory tower, are long gone.”

Deep. These words of wisdom were leading edge when first published in Fast Company, circa, 1997; and here they are again, in HBR, this month!

“Some of us quite literally lead with another person – we co-lead a project, a team, or an organization with a peer. A study by Pearce and Sims (2002), published in Group Dynamics, found that shared leadership is a useful predictor of team effectiveness.”

Wow! Literally, wow.


It’s a BuzzwordBingo fest, made from tired corporate last century dinosaur drivel.

This is PaparazziManagement: Take a long lens photo of a happening party in a penthouse. Then tell us what’s going on behind the glass as if you have a clue.

Then, stick the prefix co- in front of a few Buzzwords. How about Co-lead? Cool. Co-ol. Co-cool!  Co-commitment. Co-co-operation. I should Co-co!


I love comments, all comments…

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