How would playworkers do it?

Fascinating. School learns to problem-solve kids behaviour collaboratively, rather than punishing it.

Reminds me of a certain play blog, which featured a 12 year old boy swinging a ‘teepee cane’ about, like it was a samurai sword or a lightsabre, which of course it was, despite some control-freak grownup having designated said bamboo cane to be a ‘teepee cane’. It was, as Wittgenstein would have reminded her, a cane and as such it will remain a fungible ‘loose part’, whilst still embodying its essential caneyness. I digress.

“Can I help you?” said the playworker, momentarily forgetting that she wasn’t working in Boots. Not very playwork.

So how would the Way of Playworking tackle the examples raised in this article?

This is the first question to interest me for a long while.

Over to you dear readers….


I love comments, all comments…

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