The best starting point for playworkers and anyone else who wants to understand this oddly-named thing

I can’t improve on this as a starting point for playworkers.

(Cut it out and keep it, as they used to say in the days of print.)

If you ever need to introduce people to playwork, in a way that is clear and simple and warm and real, this is where you start:

Penny said, in answer to a request for help:

“The quickest way to understand it is The Playwork  Primer. This was a booklet to introduce Playwork to american audiences.

“The Good Enough Playworker is a theory document for Playworkers.

“The String of Beads is a collection of play memories which help us understand the play process.

“Other far more intelligent* folks have written huge amounts about play. Bob Hughes (Evolutionary Playwork and Reflective Analytic Practice, a real stonking ground breaker of a book, known affectionately as EPRAP.)”

She then goes on to mention various other sources. I’m not going to mention them, because I’m prejudiced against anything academic in origin. Plenty of time in the future to get involved in theoretical bollocks of the kind that I perpetrate. Let’s not kill of their curiosity at the outset, eh?

She also recommends the national play organisations:

“I think the archives of Play England still have some of the amazing research and documentation about play and playspace design. Play Wales is a treat.”

She doesn’t mention Play Scotland or Playboard NI who also have some good stuff. Who knows why? It’s a mystery. Any road up, all four of them are easily found by googling, because I’m too lazy to look them up just now.

She also mentions  a weekly online publication called !p dip, which you won’t find under that name,  because the !internet doesn’t a!!ow exclamation marks, so google ip-dip instead. 

“Enjoy your reading.
Love  Penny Wilson”

Stolen from her by me. Why isn’t this amazing woman and her work better known?



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