Women and apes, savage animals and smartphones and extinction

This is not really a finished thing, more a series of jottings.

Playwork and primates
AFAIK, only Penny Wilson and myself have looked at primates for clues about the practice of playwork (as opposed to what it tells us about play). Penny has a glorious interview with a zookeeper at Howletts in Kent, about the gorillas she cares for.

“At one point, Laura is called away by a fellow keeper because one of the gorillas appears to have his head stuck in the bars…
She comes back to the phone…’sorry about that.. He was joking’,
Penny ‘The keeper?’
Laura ‘No the gorilla’.”


And she got to do a TED, curses. It was only a TEDx though.

The science behind play
Here’s some cool stuff about play, including
Isabel Behncke’s TED Talk about the glorious bonobo:


Women and primates
There seems to be a thing about overexcited women and bonobos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge bonobo fan, but if you think Isobel is overexcited, you need to check out the bonkers sex therapist  who makes Isabel look like a newsreader lady announcing the death of Princess Diana:


(Not disapproving BTW, I’m a big fan, but she is on the bonkers end of the quirk continuum)

Not to mention Diane Fosse. Theory: women zoologists love primates because they are tameable beasts, unlike men.

Male zoologists like Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox —not made up names, googlem— adore their savage namesakes. (Yes, this includes the robin, vicious little territorial bastard).

A lesson that I wish were valid
But I want to strangle Isabel when she says that bonobos hold the key to human survival, because they are about to go extinct, courtesy of humans.

Confined to a u-bend in the Congo river in the DRC, therefore a deme, their lifestyle depends on an abundant supply of highly nutritious food. A bit like UK hippies before the 1974 OPEC oil crisis. Their extinction is due to the conflicts in the DRC: bushmeat for rebel forces in a conflict over territory and therefore mineral rights, fuelled by the global demand for Coltan for smartphones.

(If you don’t recycle your mobile, you are part of the problem. Whenever I see Jason Borne or any bad guy in any thriller or cop show, lob a ‘burner’ mobile into a litter bin I think of dead bonobos. The primate equivalent of those dead fairies piling up at the bottom of a politician’s garden.)

Told you it was unfinished. There’s a lot more to be said about applications to management and child development. Later perhaps…

So, playful chimpanzees,


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