Why performance appraisals fail their appraisal

The original title, ‘Why the days of performance appraisals should be numbered’ is probably a weak pun on measuring, doing the numbers and so on. Ho ho. Or am I missing a much better wordplay?

I’m a fan of performance appraisal, but…

Only if it is ‘360’, delivered live, face to face, without forms, and with the peers, reports and seniors selected by the appraisee. No forms, but the use of postits and flipcharts on walls is greatly encouraged. This ‘documentation’ belongs to the appraisee, copies are not made, and the appraisee takes them away with them.

(I’m thinking of a method deployed and devised by Frances Storr and Peter Fryer)


Interesting nevertheless…

One thought on “Why performance appraisals fail their appraisal

  1. With regard to performance appraisal, any trade union shop steward worth their salt in the early 90s was saying this anyway for all sorts of other reasons. I’ve never understood why anyone had any difficulty seeing this process for what it is – a load of organisational bollocks-babble!

    Best wishes Rory Heap -+44 (0) 7889 496000 Sent from my mobile device, using dictation


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