Buy a gun! Stop children playing!

Why not buy a gun?

Watch the video… it will blow you away…

The technique of highlighting your cause by doing the opposite has yet to dawn upon the literal minded and unplayful ringleaders of the Notional Play Day.

I have changed the name to protect the guilty but here it is:

Every year they,  the High Command of the National Ludocratic People’s Community Committee for the Inclusion of Children’s Cohesion, come up with a vague slogan, slightly behind the current children-related issues of the day. Like a school end of term disco playing last summer’s dancefloor filler.

But hold on! We also find this:

A quick glance at the aims and the supporters of both organisations and we discover that they have many in common. And, we must ask, why aren’t those who support Playday not also supporting Children’s Day, and vice versa?

Is it like the conflict between the National Ludocratic People’s Community Committee for the Inclusion of Children’s Cohesion (NLPCCICC) and the People’s National Children’s Community Ludocratic Cohesion Inclusion Citizenship Campaign (PNCCLCICC)?

This is why I often propose:


A day during which any playful activity, such as  newsreader’s and politician’s so-called jokes, playful chat at work, jolly comments in the pub, banter from gameshow hosts, loud joketelling in the street, giggling over coffee, singing along to the radio, playing pool, opening a door with a smile, laughing, smiling, being happy, is outlawed, forbidden, punishable. Squads of ordinary people will volunteer, wearing NO PLAY armbands and will seek out offenders.

Yesterday was International Happiness Day. Google it, I’m not making it up.

Next Thursday is:
Join me in celebrating it by staying in bed.

Celebrate National No Play Day, and take that smile off your face. Yes, you. Didn’t you see the sign?


One thought on “Buy a gun! Stop children playing!

  1. This tiradette is addressed to the person who just liked this piece. You’ll see why as I pour fourth…

    Hello, Ms Rudy Sloelerners, my piece was intended to amuse, yes, but do not mistake it for the sort of parody you perpetrate on April 1st. My intent is deadly serious. These day-based (not a cheap pun on ‘debased’) campaigns create work for government-funded desk jockeys and the PR and media parasites they give our tax money to. Pointless spectacles giving Z-list celebrities and overpaid academics the opportunity to prance about.

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