Playwork in The Context Of Community (consultants, this also applies to you)

(This is here partly in response to m’learned friend Professor Benjamin P. Taylor saying “I must ask you to explain what playwork is sometime”. This piece does that, a little bit.)

Some people aren’t playworkers and they know they aren’t. Some people think they are playworkers and they aren’t. Some people are playworkers and they know they are. Many more think they might be and they are.

And some have no idea that they are not only playworkers, they are also playwork advocates and theorists, yet they have no idea at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you playworker Tom,  a bloke who understands playcues and calls them invitations, a term that I prefer in some contexts.

Here’s a sample of his wisdom:
“What I do know is that they are learning because what we are primarily about is building community which is the environment in which humans have evolved to learn.”

This splendid blog has wisdom in every sentence and every photo caption. Read it slowly and deliberately and ask yourself how it might apply to management consultancy, to organisational learning, to organisation development and all that. Read it slowly and, take notes. Because it totally does apply to all that, big style. And don’t forget to take notes.

Go now! Read!


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