Grow your own Performance Management Officer

Wisdom from a self-confessed non-professional in Education. Go read it. Horrifying paper forms for our children to have to complete. Soul-destroying.

Now, I actually am an ‘education professional’ of sorts, and I can therefore go a bit further. IMHO. It is not that there is still a bit of merit in this approach to teaching, it is that it is ineffective, damaging and therefore wholly lacking in merit.

That more children aren’t mashed up completely by this managerialisation of teaching is a tribute to:

• the resilience of human offspring
• the humanity and ommitment of ‘coal face’ “edication professionals ” aka good teachers and heads
• the positive influence of most parents, wider society and so on.


I went to see my 9 year olds school work at his school this week, much to my dismay I found they were training him up to work in Performance Management. This is what he is learning.

photo (4)

This is a plan for a child to monitor themselves against, about applying aspects of literacy that are taught elsewhere, to a story they are writing.  I am guessing it is to tie together theory with them actually doing it. I have no comment to make on that, as I am not an educational professional, and it seems plausible.

But just as you can’t only ever do ONE thing, you can’t just learn one thing too.

He is also learning how to…

Monitor progress against achievement of SMART objectives

Not only that, but that doing that is a good thing that will be rewarded. More ticks in those boxes=better achievement of purpose.

What else is…

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One thought on “Grow your own Performance Management Officer

  1. Liked this bit:

    “I have stopped using Powerpoint wherever possible, and have started learning about communicating with people instead. Really vital things, like if you sit next to someone instead of standing up in front of them, it is a conversation instead of a theatrical show and tell, where the presenter gives things to an audience, a 1-way only affair.

    That listening is much more important than a slide-deck of bullet points, and that people will sigh with relief if you just stand there and talk engagingly about something that matters, instead of inserting movie clips and using clip-art. This is not the icing on the cake of communication, it IS communication.”

    Also reminded me of your tips around autopoeitic communication from page 238.



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