A friendly note for new reader follower folk…

Welcome, dear reader-follower-fan person.

I love you dearly. Thank you for following me.

First off, please be aware that I do actually respond to comments, and therefore I will, revise items in response, from time to time. Like this one. So please comment.

Just so you know, the blog is laid out in a certain way because of reasons. Partly my choice of blog theme – you then can only do things its way – and partly my own choices. Do have a good look round, notice what things are in the middle (the actual bloggage) and the sides (go look).

Top tip – notice the SEARCH box, over there on the top right, white box, grey button, says ‘Search’ on it. You can find anything like that. Or browse the CATEGORIES list – which lives on the left, below the graphic.

Now, I have just updated this, which lives on the right-hand side, down a bit, which I think nobody reads: 


Of course I encourage and desire linking and reblogging but, PLEASE don’t quote, or use my hard-won thoughts without my permission. ©Arthur Battram. All I ask is that you request permission formally and that you give me credit and a link. That’s all there is to it, so long as the reuse is clearly for non-profit purposes. For commercial usage? Just ask…

Another blogger: http://thinkpurpose.com/  found this lovely poster, which adds a useful perspective, which doesn’t, IMHO, transfer smoothly and wholly from its context to mine, yet is still thought-provoking and relevant:  http://austinkleon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/poster-8-500×666.gif

I’m trying to strike a tricky balance. People do ‘borrow’ my stuff, I can prove it, officer. Andnotbut, I want you to share my stuff. It’s a dilemma. My guiding principle, inspired by Bill and Ted is – “be excellent to each other” 

I love comments, all comments…

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