You can’t play 20 questions with nature and win « Mind Hacks

“That the same human subject can adopt many (radically different) methods for the same basic task, depending on goal, background knowledge, and minor details of payoff structure and task texture implies that the “normal” means of science may not suffice.”

Another perspective on the failure of normal science.

(Sorry, climate change deniers, antivaxxers, intelligent designers [now there’s an aurochsy-moron] and your ilk, that doesn’t mean I agree with you that science is wrong; all that’s being said here is that the current approach to some huge problems isn’t working.)

“…In Allen Newell‘s 1973 paper, a classic in cognitive science … he confesses that although he sees many excellent psychology experiments, all making undeniable scientific contributions, he can’t imagine them cohering into progress for the field as a whole”, writes Tom Stafford.

My immediate thought was to jump to a comparison with management theory and its interventions: improve performance, improve engagement, better customer service, data gathering: the twenty questions of management consultancy.


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