Haves, Have Nots and Have A Little Want Mores: #68 Change Management




I hope you can read the text in these 3 photos.

The author was imprisoned twice, each time he wrote a book. These extracts are from the second book.

Barry Oshry will recognise these ideas.

I leave it to the reader to determine the identity of the author and locate the books or their full text on the web.

File under: management/change management/implementation issues/resistance to change/resources/written materials/methodology/praxis


3 thoughts on “Haves, Have Nots and Have A Little Want Mores: #68 Change Management

  1. Not much of a google-y challenge, Arthur!

    Saul Alinsky – a man who knew a thing or two about perspectives and power moves!

    Funnily enough, googling a selection of text led me here:
    “Barack trained ACORN organizers in Class Warfare”

    And also here (oddly hosted at nasa.gov)
    “The Difference Between the‘Haves’& the ‘Have Nots’ By Earl Nightingale
    Meet two kinds of people — the “Haves” and “Have Nots” — and the one decision that separates them.”

    And, also funnily enough, I can see merit both in Alinsky’s views and in those of Earl Nightingale (though I don’t think he’s really an Earl ;-)).

    I would say that personalising and attributing deliberate intention to the groups representing the outcomes of the dynamics of this system is, in one sense, a fundamental error – let’s call it ‘The Animal Farm misattribution’. So easy, so rewarding, and so instinctively conditioned by the system that it only serves to form part of perpetuating the system… I think.

    On the other hand, some people are bastards and should be first up against the wall… right… right?

    I note that this ‘debate’ (or rather, this fixed worldview) is a continuing dynamic in http://www.scio.org.uk – indeed, a good friend of mine who is assuredly on the side of the angels came to a SCiO meeting genuinely asking for help with a problem he was grappling with, and to which he had a half-formed clumsy but systemic solution. He barely got a hearing and some people didn’t seem to be able to listen to him at all because they got into mumbling and grumbling and making assumptions because he was ‘from the Government’ and therefore The Man… well, that’s my interpretation. So I’m determined that we will run a SCiO session on ‘systems thinking, social justice and change’ very very soon…. the debate deserves more.

    • All good stuff, Ben, and just the sort of response I was hoping for.

      You may well be right that the dearly-departed Mr Alinsky wasn’t a systems thinker. I’m sure he did fall into the Animal Farm Misattribution trap. And, there is an issue about the compromised role of academic systems thinking in the political arena, wouldn’t you say?

      The Haves have theories and academics. The middles use those theories. The Havenots, have neither. What they do have, encouraged by Alinskyists, is their own, hard-won PRAXIS.

      If you do get that SCIO session organised, please can it be Manchester and please can I be a speaker?

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