Generation X, meet Theory Y… it’s like Douglas McGregor never existed

If Your Boss Thinks You’re Awesome, You Will Become More Awesome

Turns out that people improve and stuff if they are rated highly by their boss. Yada yada. The findings are a bit incoherent; the author seems a little puzzled.

What interests me, not in a good way, is how the once-mighty HBR has ascended into a strange world; a Patrick Bateman training room —all glass walls, blonde wood, PowerPoint and flipcharts— where people with MBAs* discuss pop-psychology quizzes that are pure Cosmo ’50 ways to please your manager in the boardroom’ stylee, and nobody, nobody remembers Douglas McGregor.

(*MacBook Airs.)

Back in the late 90s, Peter Fryer and Frances Storr developed a rapid, low-cost, paperless, humane, 360-degree performance appraisal system, inspired by complexity theory concepts.

And it was effective. These days we would describe it as ‘strengths-based, but, not a lot of money to be made from that: no software, didn’t need a week-long training induction programme, so not exactly billable boulevard, baby.

It’s another ‘sense-in-common’.

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