Politics is the art of the possible

We often hear, usually when something is being rejected, that ‘politics is the art of the possible’. Yes, we know that.

But, really?

If politics really were the art of the possible it really would be about possibility…

It would be about Martin Luther King’s dream, it would be about eradicating smallpox, it would be about affordable homes and a woman on the Moon, it would be about free health care, intelligent television programmes, reasonably priced clothing from fair trade suppliers who pay a living wage, my favourite band reforming, finding a bottle of the ten year old Flora and Fauna Bladnoch…

It seems to me that they want it to mean that politics is the art of the practicable. What that means is that they see politics as the art of the feasible.

Is politics merely the art of the feasible?

If it is, where does that leave MLK’s dream?

…with thanks to my local councillor here in Ruabon, for a creative and wide-ranging discussion which led to this piece.



“Syriza will be forming a majority government in Greece. In this op-ed piece Zoe Williams talks about the new possible:

“Syriza stood up to the money men – the UK left must do the same


“Back in Greece, exit polls suggest Syriza is on course to form a majority government. We don’t yet know whether or not this spells Grexit, or what it all means for the eurozone. But we do now know, before anybody starts diagnosing anything, the most important thing about building a successful transformative movement: that it is possible. Eminently.”


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