EDGES: for example, the EdgeOfDiscomfort


” But what is it about these repulsive characters that we find so attractive that their very idea entertains us and in this season becomes part of Halloween play? The answer lies in the way we play with the edge of discomfort. Play often enlists the mischievous and disruptive, the transgressive and the alarming. But only up to a point; we like roller coasters and spooky movies as long as they’re only momentarily disturbing. Here, playing with the undead, perhaps joining one of the downtown midnight zombie walks that have surged in popularity around the country, we draw a queasy thrill from the odd sense that arises from an encounter with an object that looks real enough to be real, or that moves realistically enough to seem real and alive, but that is nevertheless not real or that seems not quite real or not quite alive.”

Another interesting edge, the edge of discomfort.

Remind me to write a long piece about why edges are important and interesting.

Edges like the edge:

# where land meets sea, beaches, perfect play, where life on earth evolved (probably)
# of a large organisation, where the learning is
# of popular music, where jazz and all forms of experimental music live
# of offence, where much of the best comedy lives. Was that a sick joke? Too soon?
# QI: Quite Interesting. The edge of interestingness.
# The Edge out of U2. Actually, no.
# Edgy haircuts, clothes, remarks: mostly not.
# John Brockman’s edge.org


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