Why do you follow me? Seriously.

Hello, brave followers.
How are you?

I hope this finds you well.
Who are you?

An odd bunch, as far as I can tell.

Tonight, my curiosity…
Has got the better of me.

Don’t get me wrong, odd is good,
Follow me, writer from Hollywood!

But tonight my curiosity
Has got the better of me…


I hope you can forgive that doggerel. If you know anything about me, you will know that I have no interest in marketing, or monetising or pretty much anything ending in -ising.

Andnotbut, I am intensely curious about people. So please tell me:

What caused you to follow my blog?

Was it something I said, or was it my handsome good-looking theme?

Do we follow a blog after we like something enough to think, OK, this is good, so I’d better ‘follow’ so I don’t miss out? That’s one theory.

If you wouldn’t mind, it’ll only take a moment, click the comment box below and tell me: What caused you to follow my blog?


6 thoughts on “Why do you follow me? Seriously.

  1. Notwithstanding that we met a very loooong time ago and I knew that you wrote a blog that I popped in on from time to time, I looped back round to it unexpectedly via Teacher Tom and have stayed/followed since then. Although I’m not a playworker (whilst admitting to keeping a keen eye on the National Pink Bicycle Indices!) I find that a lot of your content and subsequent stimuli helps me better navigate the adults I play with all day at work. My hope is, in turn, that it also helps me try to be a bit more of a useful human for people to be around.

    I’ll also echo that the eclectic range of subjects resonates very strongly with me; your stream of consciousness undulations are very familiar to the way I think/ponder in general “…a kingfisher, or a fox, or a baby flipping from a cry to a laugh, or a rainbow, or four big lads after closing time…”. I can open a dictionary for one word and still be there an hour or so later, several subject areas away and nowhere nearer the word I originally went in for but happily aware of many new things – such is the nature of your blog. All in all, it offers many diverse prompts to learn/find/experience things I would otherwise never have to come to by myself, and for which I am most grateful. Nothing insightful to contribute in return, am afraid, but do send you thanks for your work. Slainte.

  2. As one of your odd bunch, I am interested in many of the fields upon which you choose to comment.
    I also like eclecticism, both in prose and music, so you fit my bill very nicely thank you very much!

  3. Hello Captain Complexity

    I follow you because I know you and like you and I find your insights wise and your chippiness and pointed playfulness manageable and amusing 😉

    This is but one of many feeds for me and I find it tricky and unnecessary to distinguish the source as they flowby (a blog post from you, an email from you, an email from Tom, SCiO goodness, model.report update, twitter lists yada yada yada… so that’s my excuse for not knowing which things I particularly like from this source.

    From a quick squiz, I like your Johann Hari connection (I had tweeted this article from other sources with the pull quote ‘the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety; it’s human connection’), the one on CHALLENGE, the deprefixers (we share a playfulness with language – or a desire to play with it), ten commandments, elf on the shelf (the last two gave me a dose of weary frustration at the impracticality and chippiness of the people I want to win the arguments in the world..), what is a warrior…

    These are stimuli suitable for our age, well presented. Nice one.

    • Thanks, Ben.

      It’s weird. Looking back, I can see that ‘why do you follow me’ could have sounded like, and does sound like (!): ‘pay me a compliment’. It sounds ridiculous, even to me, when I say that that was not in my mind at all. It was, utterly, driven by a massively frustrating curiosity about my readership, which obviously came across to you.

      So I am blessed in two ways: I both got an answer to my question, and I got compliments. Yay!

      Thank you.

  4. Hello Arthur,
    I follow your blog so that I can get a reader’s eye view on what I write.
    Hope this helps.
    There isn’t any one piece that caught my eye, although I do like the Eastern-tinged ones and the ones with pictures.

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