Process not tech

Ebola Shows It Is Process–Not Technology–That Will Protect Us


2 thoughts on “Process not tech

  1. I fully agree that we so often overlook process and discipline. Particularly the process of reflecting and feeding back insights into routines.

    This is a very timely article.

    • Hi Tom. IMHO, it’s not discipline, it is more like procedure, protocol, that sort of thing. Like many readers, I was unwilling to buy into his obsession with checklists, and I think that is my problem because I think HE IS CORRECT. But emotionally I rebel…

      The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right Author: Atul Gawande
      A defence of rational, systems-thinking approach to handling complex problems
      |… about lists and both admit to the ability of lists to bring about order and control. Both books attracted me because I am a consummate checklist-maker. … The author proposes “checklists” as a functional tool to deal with the limitations of human knowledge and the possibility of making mistakes in the face of complex problems. Using stories from construction management, airline piloting and disaster management, and surgery, he shows how checklists can be used to break down complex tasks into simpler steps, thus helping prevent expensive mistakes. The author delves further into two kinds of lists (Do-Confirm or Read-Do) using a story from how the airline manufacturing industry writes their “user manuals”.|

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