Why do I do it…?

I liked this. It is about so many things, and the tag cloud will be huge, but for me it’s about [well I’m filing it under]

Lived complexity
Perma-life as in permaculture
Things like that…

Sue Pritchard's Blog

So I was having one of those conversations, this week, that I both value and dread (Thanks, Alan Barnard, at BBM, for lunch and the deep probing questions).  Alan asked: “So why do you do it…?”  I chose to hear this as genuine curiosity and not to hear the silent “…For God’s sake, why…?!”  

The ‘it’ in question is living on and running a small permaculture, organic farm. If you follow my tweets, you may have noticed that there is, possibly, a disproportionate number at the moment on lambing, with – some might say (Alan) – too many references to earthy stuff like poo, wee, milk, life and death… The midnight barn checks, the 5am feeds, the emergency trips to vets… He may have been noticing the inevitable effects of this – the dark shadows under my eyes, hands like a hod carrier, slightly unkempt hair and the faint odour…

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