A fascinating, anti-commercial rant about a thing of beauty, to whit, a colour: Viridian Green : Colour Anti-Specification


Viridian Green : Colour Anti-Specification


“Ever wonder why those Chagall prints in the glossy art books still don’t come remotely close to looking as good as the real painting? One of the factors is the pusillanimous colour gamut of CMYK – particularly in the blue range.”

“The focus of contemporary corporate identity is colour.”

(For example: Cadbury’s purple or Coke’s red.)

“In a corporatist society such as ours, how corporations see colour is how we are all expected to see colour. What are the implications of this?


”Colour, in reality, is an infinitely complex and varied set of subjective human experience. To fit colour into their reductionist worldview, corporations try to nail colour down – to redefine it as something that can be owned and controlled.


“ “Blue is modern and cool, exciting and dynamic, and most importantly, it’s a color that powerfully communicates refreshment,” said Mr. Swanhaus [Pepsi-Cola Company’s senior vice president of international sales and marketing] “Ultimately, we believe that owning bluewill give us a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace”.http://pepsico.pcy.mci.net/web_pages/pcnews5.html (emphasis mine).”


“Their methods for doing this are primitive and anti-poetic, but have become widely accepted as the contemporary way of seeing colour – hues are specified according to the constraints of filthy, industrial revolution technologies, based on poisonous dyes and clanking machinery.”

“Why is this way of seeing colour not Viridian?”


and to find out why not, click this link, then come back and comment, if you desire to.




2 thoughts on “A fascinating, anti-commercial rant about a thing of beauty, to whit, a colour: Viridian Green : Colour Anti-Specification

  1. As a totally blind person, I feel particularly well qualified (not) to submit this comment (but I will anyway)! I just wonder whether we are being invited to substitute a bright new shiny 2D representational model for that ugly outmoded industrially unfashionable one? Best wishes Rory Heap +44 (0) 7889 496000

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