“We don’t promote risky play” Nor should you.

“We do not encourage risky play at Woodland Park.

We don’t even encourage play for that matter.

We simply provide a slice of the world: space, a variety of interesting materials, and, of course, other kids.

The children take it from there.”

Gosh – wise words from someone who isn’t even a playwork writer!


5 thoughts on ““We don’t promote risky play” Nor should you.

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  2. Arthur, great that you saw and shared the quote and liink. A quote that is excellent and well said. But please, if playworkers have any special insights about play, they follow from, are dependent on, more general foundational understandings about, for example, the value of freedom, children and childhood, the meaning of the good life and so forth. These understandings or orientations are the prerequisites for such insights that playwork claims for itself. In other words, ordinary mortals can understand and be committed to ‘free’ – permit the shorthand – play without having to drink from the well of playwork insight, interesting though such insight can sometimes be.

    • Not sure why you are telling me this, Bernard. Uncharacteristically, it seems a statement of the obvious. I only reblog that which is, IMHO, excellent and helpful. Perhaps my attempt at humour: ‘and not even a playwork writer’ failed.

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