the be here now

I’m currently embarking on two exciting working relationships with two very different and lovely consultancy organisations. This means that, more than usual, I am called upon to talk about what I do. I have to produce a CV. (Can I choose to be waterboarded as an alternative?) My work is carried out in meetings, perhaps better described as semi-structured encounters. I was asked what training programmes or courses I can offer – there are many, andnotbut how many of these do I want to offer? You see I have spent the last 14 years moving away from training, towards informal semi-structured, provocational and educational encounters, so talking about training courses feels like a step backwards, which is not to question its necessity or utility, just its uncomfortableness for me. I often talk about MyNextBook, which is about all this sort of thing, probably. If it were another sort of lexicon, a semi-structured open format I’m drawn to, then this might be part of the entry:

Events |Meetings | Purposeful | Beginnings of.

  • each of us is autopoietic
  • we are autopoietic
  • here we are
  • in a situation
  • that is emergent
  • there is a history
  • there are adjacent possibilities
  • they are contingent

  • this now is sensitive to the next thing that happens…

I love comments, all comments…

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