A naivety of love/play as the antidote

Some perfect reflections of some perfect presences?, or presentnesses? I’m reblogging as a sequel to my last blog, couldn’t be better. Thanks, Joel.


A play story, of sorts, and of certain significance to me, tends to come back into my thinking time and time again. I may have written about this before, but I wanted to start with it again here. Every time I tell it I think it must shift a little (such is the nature of tales told), but the essence is pretty much consistent.

This is it: a few years ago, when working at a holiday scheme, a group of children and me were out on a large field, which the pavilion base building was situated at one end of. That day it rained. It bucketed down. A few brave souls stayed out for as long as they could take it, but then, eventually, everyone came indoors. Towels came out. Hair was dried. I remember sitting down on the floor in the doorway of the pavilion, looking out on the…

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2 thoughts on “A naivety of love/play as the antidote

  1. It’s genuinely serendipitous that I should write these thoughts in the same week as a certain Brand name proposed a spiritual revolution. Perhaps, after the technological age we’re in will come the Age of Seeing and Being? (of which love and play are essential aspects).

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