Two kinds of playwork: its a feeling

Well said. Of course it takes time to learn to become a playworker, because playwork is a craft. Have a look at my blog, search for “craft”.

Lily Holloway

After posting yesterday, I began to go over all the thoughts I’d been holding inside over the past few months. But where I’ve been distracted with finishing uni and exhibitions, oh and getting a brand spanking new job, I have ended up neglecting my writing. I have always believed this, and I know for fact that my like-minded players feel the same. There is a workforce of playworkers that the majority of whom all care about children and work hard at promoting play, and then there are the remaining who, on the surface are enthusiastic and responsible not letting the people in our care come to harm. But, beneath this exterior of fun-loving is someone trying to earn a few bob. Now we all need money and we all do what we can to work, and I’m not insulting anybody for being in a role that is convenient and, let’s…

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2 thoughts on “Two kinds of playwork: its a feeling

  1. Thank you for reblogging Arthur. I think there’s levels to the craft too, not sure how many but personally I have felt I have progressed several levels to playwork. The stage of enlightenment (‘lightbulb’) I believed was the second stage where I realised the magic of play. I appreciate people’s wishes to not take it further but I personally believe its addictive once you have ‘clicked’, as Joel agrees, it seems to be a constant thought.


    • There are many levels. As in Karate, the black belt is just the beginning, there are the 7 dans, next.

      In the ancient mystical art of Karalude, there are 7 erics to achieve once you have your black belt, grasshopper.

      Reaching the top of the hill allows you to see the next hill beyond…

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