Designed to remind you of timeframe, a termframe is my neologism; an attempt to point to something inevitable and unfolding, like a leaf bud, or a butterfly de-pupating; the gestation period for a complex, emergent phenomenon within a living system.

Cicadas have a gestation period of 17 years, therefore their termframe cannot be less than than. Trees have a extending, indeterminate lifespan, once established, we don’t know how long a yew our redwood can live, thousands of years…

I’m trying to get a sense of a cycle period, an ambit, a purview, a chronological terrain, or domain…

Another definition: the termframe is the time it takes when it takes as long as it takes.

A comprehension of the termframe for something allows us a patience that comes from understanding the emergent inevitability of a phenomenon.

Porridge cools, not yet, you’ll burn yourself, plants grow, no use shouting hurry up or even I love you little seedlings, you can’t hurry love, and you don’t push the river.

What is the termframe for a human intervention in a community?

It depends, of course.


One thought on “Termframe

  1. authors/Arthur’s comment:

    not convinced by termframe, yet. frame is too fixed and boxy, needs to suggest cycle, almost like period in the senses of menses.

    needs that idea of an inevitable process which is unfolding, like a leaf bud. you can’t hurry it, everything that you might have done (like feeding it or watering it should’ve been done last year (horticulture, long view)

    its that sense of horticultural perspective, it’s like asking (as I often say – if we had a timemachine we could go back and..) on this new project, what do we need to do before? not how do we start- what do we do NOW?

    so, for now, I’m going for unfoldterm – ‘the time it takes it takes when it takes as long as it takes’.

    so then we can ask:

    what is time frame for this unfold-term?


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