Online bullying – a new and ugly sport for liberal commenters | Ariel Meadow Stallings

Which should not be confused with disagreeing or debating the views of others that you don’t agree with. If we can’t disagree then we can’t discuss, and if we can’t discuss then we can’t think out loud, and if we can’t think out loud then soon we will be unable to think at all. Humans are social animals, we go mad in solitary. There is no right to be offended, which grants the right to pick on anyone you claim has offended you; and even if there were, it would not override the right to free speech. We should trust our fellow men and women in society to use the power of social disapproval to curb offence, not run crying to the police and the law like big babies running to teacher everytime someone says bad things. So it’s nice to see such a spirited defence of open debate in the face of the massed ranks of offence-taking pillocks. Go read it!


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