Pretty much sums up why I don’t like ‘professional’ sport (nice article on play inside, though)


It’s a man in a dark suit, with a grey tie and one of those ‘banker’ shirts with the wide stubby smug collar; he’s been at the hair gel to produce a car salesman’s late 90s spiky hairdo – he’s holding a smile slightly too long because the photographer isn’t that talented and doesn’t know to ask him to stand slightly side on to the camera, so he looks a bit smug and political, which he is.

That’s ‘Sport’, that is.

I wonder what the equivalent image of play would be?

And, go read the nicely judged article by Tim Gill on the play legacy of the Limpicks inside – page 10 I think , or maybe a bit later. You can’t actually download the article, but you can ‘read’ it online, if you can bear to use the poor quality online PDF viewer, which as you can see above, mashes up the fonts when you try to download.


I love comments, all comments…

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