whispers of disclosure in a ludic ear

A superb thoughtful reminder of what can be whispered in your ear when you work with children, from a proper playwork person: it is an ‘amber alert’ for all  who work—even just for short intervals—with other people’s kids.

Disclosure: ‘a revelation of abuse or harm’

”Whist working with a group of primary school children recently one of them made a disclosure to me. This is something that all of us working with children and […]“

Marc Armitage | An independent consultant and researcher in children’s play.

Marc’s blog isn’t easy to make a direct link to, because it’s not on WordPress or Blogger, rather it is a ‘bespoke’ blog on his website: which might make it a bit trickier to find the specific entry.

(I’ve given you the title and it is dated 25th July 2012 – if the link above doesn’t take you right to it you’ll find it by date or title, I’m sure.)

revised for clarity and grammar, 11:00, Wednesday, August 1, 2012



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