Listen up and de-cocoon!

Listen up and de-cocoon!

If we don’t then progressive voices will be weakened by not being exposed to the right-wing viruses of counter-argument!

The Rio Norte Line

I am always astonished at how little liberals/”progressives” seem to know about the rest of us. Listening to the twaddle that passes for erudite commentary on shows on networks like MSNBC and NPR is painful and wrong to the point of disbelief. I sometimes find myself staring at the screen with mouth agape in utter disbelief at the things that are vomited forth from Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and others. I also find almost comical the sometimes astonishing ways in which the alphabet broadcast networks and CNN will hold a “debate” and instead of having a true conservative as part of the debate, they will bring in a “progressive” pundit who opines on, not what a conservative believes, but what the “progressive” pundit/observer believes a conservative believes.

Often, what is presented isn’t even close to the conservative position.

They observe conservatives as if they were wild beasts, not safe to…

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