A History of The Man in 100 Objects: #3, The Call Centre

Again I am spared the work of actually writing about one of the icons of late 20th century capitalism, the mighty and magnificent ‘Call Centre’, by the existence of this blog from a few years ago which is most funny and hilarious, and a savage indictment of stuff as well, of course.

These so-called ‘Call Centres are nothing of the sort- they are nothing less than cathedrals of frustration! They take the form of big metal sheds which have sprouted like robotic rectangular mushrooms all over the green fields surrounding England’s northern rustbelt towns, wanged into place by greedy developers seeking a fast buck, in spite of  the best efforts of the worthy burghers of the town council  to be ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ by ‘redeveloping’ so-called ‘brownfield’ sites. The children of steelworkers and miners were and are  herded into them by the vicious overseers of Connexions and JobCentrePlus.

This is the diary of one man who was condemned to serve in these new satanic mills – AS A MANAGER.


Follow this link – if you DARE…

Life in a call centre



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