A history of playwork in 100 objects – forthcoming series

Objects include the stick and the bombsite so far.

Unlike my History of ‘The Man’ in 100 Objects, which is purely parody, this one has a mainly serious intent.

I intend to produce a definitive guide to playwork through the medium of  the 100 objects meme. A collection of loose parts about loose parts if you will.

I will be chief editor and a major contributing writer, because it is MY IDEA, and like Bob Geldof said, it is my ball and I decide who plays with it, but I welcome and in fact need other editors and writers.

Here are some other possibles:

~• the cardboard box  (cliche, but for a reason – often voted the top toy of all time, it simply has to be in there)

~•  the someone else’s garden

~•  the beach

~•  the stream

~•  the ’empty’ factory

~•  the felt tip pen

~•  the rubbish home-made kite

~•  dens!

~•  liquid poster paint

~•  glitter (one for the ladies)

~• the plank (one for the chaps)

~•  the fire (one for the hippies, and arsonists)

You get the drift. What will make this work?

If you like this idea – tell me, encourage me, tell others. Yes of course I’d like to get you involved, but you can easily claim you are too busy. For me to get this thing going I need to know that it has an audience however small.

I love comments, all comments…

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