How to care for EXTROVERTS!

I’ve taken the liberty of PDFing this to make it easier to share
The author says:

Given the amazing spread of that “Care for Introverts” image posted across Tumblr, I had to think about the fact that so many folks seemed to identify with what was said there. As someone who is basically extroverted (with some decidedly introvert quirks) it occurred to me that the flipside of introversion seems self-evident because outgoing, extroverted people kind of demand you figure out how to deal with them as you go along. Still, I figured it couldn’t hurt to make a few notes in the style of “How To Care For Introverts” for the other half of this particular human interaction equation…

4 thoughts on “How to care for EXTROVERTS!

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  2. Awesome! This needed to be written! And we need more defense for us extroverts out there. I saw one post that did a comparison of extroverts and introverts. Sadly, most of the extrovert qualities listed had a negative slant to it. The one you posted here was great. You were positive, yet kept it real. – an appreciative extrovert

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