Better: doing better on the interweb

He talks about doing all this interweb, blogging, facebook, wwifling*, with more care and attention, better editing, more work, more attention to detail:


He says more than that, he also says why.

I’m going to try to follow his example.

Have a look.

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3 thoughts on “Better: doing better on the interweb

  1. I read the Merlin man entry with interest – I’ve had an annoying feeling of dissatisfaction about what to write and where to write it itching away in the back of my head for some weeks now.I couldn’t help wondering, given its origins in 2010, what happened to his resolve? I couldn’t help wondering what his own evaluation of the success of his intentions has been, and how he reached any conclusions he might have come to.
    Any enlightenment on this would be very helpful in restoring my hope that I myself might reach a more rational conclusion about my writing ambitions than the one I harbour today – which is simply not to bother!

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