In praise of … risking it all (sometimes)

“Laura Dekker is courageous and resourceful – and so are her parents

The Guardian, Mon 23 Jan 2012 21.00 GMT

“…Laura Dekker, the 16-year-old who has just sailed solo around the world, in defiance of the child protection authorities in her native Netherlands….”

“Miss Dekker is plainly a courageous and resourceful individual. And so are her parents, for letting her go on her epic voyage. ”

“Adventures come in all sizes, and each time a child makes an informed decision to take a risk they grow up a bit.”

Very well said!

Playwork salutes you, the Dekkers!

Meanwhile, the First Post, finds the nasty old Times (of London) disapproving, in the company of lots of tutting and other rubbish remarks. Then they give us a lovely list of 17 year olds in history who did cool stuff, including some annoying kid from North of Greece who conquered the world, like wotev, and an 11 year old trumpeter.

bloody kids.


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