I typed ‘managerialism’ into the topics page to…

I typed ‘managerialism’ into the topics page to see if I am really as alone as this fog is telling me. I found that I am. But I also found that you and I virtually share the topics page-return: most people have nothing to say about managerialism but a few people have a lot to say on it. It is plexing. I have sniffed around here and like the sass of the place. I shall return …


3 thoughts on “I typed ‘managerialism’ into the topics page to…

  1. ”to see if I am really as alone as this fog is telling me“

    What did you mean by that, please, MLR?

    Please say a little more about managerialism and this fog and the few with a lot to say and the lot with not a lot to say.

    • ah, didn’t see this on 23rd January; until today … all this ‘communication’-business is still new and beguiling to me.

      Answer: I have been a teacher for a quarter of a century. During this skip of time I have seen the ‘service’ go from a semi-democratic system ‘engined’ by the expertese of dedicated professionals in an atmosphere of purposeful endeavour, to a ‘delivery’ of statistic- and target-led educative substitute on a marshland of shifting-agenda and a fog of performance-management which never seems to shift no matter how hard you shine. I have groaned and written billowing documents to the school about the loss of teacher-craft and spirit, but I have been met with one-line responses and a cascade of ‘bottom-line’ points which brook no democracy, no dialogue, no voice. I have developed whole-meal educative resources and philosophy and offered in the service of providing education which gets kids to LEARN rather than consume, but I have been led to think myself out of time, out of message, out of realism, out of reference … alone. Out of indignancy (not a word I know, but ‘indignation’ suggests a finite state of being, my indignation has become the air that I breathe at school) I started my blog and have been gradually releasing my thought and resource through it. Clandestinely, it would seem, I get very little hits on them (they’re to be found organised on the ‘Teaching Contents’ page on the blog; if you have the interest I would love to engage some discussion through them), but they contain some waxings on managerialism and the corrosion it has had on teaching professionalism.

      I hope this reply isn’t too long after your question to be noticed.

  2. Glad you like what I’m doing here. I’m assuming that ‘sass’ refers to my attitude and style of writing.

    I started to think about the monicker ‘sass’ and it turned into another vastly expatiated piece, so I have removed it from my little reply.

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