Without youth work we would not have the Stones…


“The Rolling Stones launched their career in a social therapeutic club, designed to help troubled youth with communication skills. The club became legendary in rock ‘n roll history but its therapeutic roots have almost been forgotten.

Eel Pie Island is a small patch on the River Thames famous for the underground club that earned a place in 60′s history for hosting the cream of jazz bands and rock n’ roll outfits.

Less well known, is the story of how the club was created as a therapeutic environment to help troubled youth.”

…read the rest at the very lovely mindhacks…

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2 thoughts on “Without youth work we would not have the Stones…

  1. Thanks APB for posting this.
    remember clearly visiting a friend in Twickenham in 1976 and walking along the thames to the accompaniment of Heathrow-bound aircraft and my friend’s nostalgic comments about this venue. Amazing what courage and foresight some people had way back then. You’d have to get approval from the secretary of State for Justice to do something like that now, and they (those at the Ministry of justice) would doubtless squeeze all the useful pips out of the initiative before it didn’t quite get off the ground because of lack of funding!

    • Thanks for those kind words, RH.

      I don’t think they would have thought themselves courageous* or foresighted. Back then what we might call foresighted was merely sensible – it’s only in the last twenty years that a whole six of your Earth months has come to be described, non-ironically, as ‘a long time’. And courageous? – again just sensible to do something for ‘the kids on the street’, surely.

      Shame that you’re right about permission and money, though but.

      *Neither did Captain Scott, or Hall and Oates, or Apsley Cherrry-Garrard, on the Terra Nova Antarctic expedition being meejah-commemerationed to death this year. ACG took those fecking penguin eggs** down the Nat His, and when they finally let him in, the curator bloke was deep in conversation with SOMEONE IMPORTANT, so he went – just leave them over there, there’s a good chap, without looking up. ACG waited another 4 hours because as he said, I wanted a receipt for the eggs.

      ** These eggs were obtained with some human cost. They walked across the South fecking pole for them.

      Full story:http://www.gutenberg.org/files/14363/14363-h/i.htm

      If you go to that page, and do a search for text within the page using this string:

      ended the worst journey in the world

      then you’ll jump to the very end of his book and the fotnote about the fecking eggs.

      I love his description of the 2 manners; a style very much back in vogue.


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