The problem with ticklist training

private eye fallen angels cartoonCartoon nicked from Private Eye – read it every fortnight go look on their website.

The problem with ‘Cascading training’ is the one size fits all approach which tries to avoid risk by treating everyone as if they are as stupid and uncaring as the tiny tiny minority of their employees who are actually stupid and really don’t care.

We knew all of this but the new clever bosses chose to forget.

If you are a manager you may have heard about ‘The Learning Organisation’. Bah.

I hear that CWDC even paid for childcare and playwork people to be trained in this stuff. (The playwork community got grumpy with CWDC when they heard that other folk were getting expensive inappropriate training, so CWDC paid for playwork ‘managers’ to also get some expensive inappropriate training, which was nice. To my shame, I taught on one, but not one that was daft enough to include ‘The Learning Organisation’, a North American idea developed for mammoth auto companies employing millions of staff. It doesn’t apply well to tiny public and voluntary sector play organisations. Try googling ‘The Learning Company’, the British version of the idea, developed by some lovely training superstars. It’s much better, but it’s still a leap from private to tiny play outfits.

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