The Olympics 2012 Fake tickets Reasonable expectation of…

The Olympics 2012.

Fake tickets.

Reasonable expectation of ticket buyers completely thwarted by LOCOG and touts.

Sponsored by McDonalds and is it Vodafone or some other tax-dodging mutinational?

Giving something back to the youth of East London – an as yet unsold stadium that the yoof can’t afford to buy a seat for in.

Legacy of four years of polluting bulldozers, loss of wildlife habitat and liminal space beloved of locals of all ages.

Broken promises of giving something back.

Apart from the very small% of actual athletes who are ‘ordinary working people, who like doing sport’, who will be coming here from all over the world, to play, yes play, it is play, a form of play, just one form of play, there are others, such as ones that aren’t competitive and don’t have inevitable ‘sports-related injuries’ just accidental ones, exploited, like the numpties on X-factor, apart from the actual athletes (how did beach volleyball get in there? it is not a sport, I mean I appreciate it, what’s not to like, if you like ladies on beaches besporting, but it is not a sport! what’s next: tiddlywinks, swearing at the telly?)apart from the athletes, who it has to be said are a bit showy-offy, it is just an enormous money making, show off gig for slebs, politicos, the meejah and big business, WHICH WE ARE ALL PAYING FOR.

can you think of a bigger waste of money? really?

oh and it will have more troops protecting it than Afghanistan.

how nice to see that our last 2 government have got their priorities right.

I hope the earth opens up and swallows every venue and all the cars in the special totalitarian dictator style restricted roads and the special trains, but miraculously all the ordinary working folk, the cleaners, train drivers, middle managers, non-rich audiences, athletes and such crawl to safety, battered and bruised but still alive.

they will have been on a journey.

meanwhile the organisers – they will be stronger for it, there will have been lessons learned, some of the learnings will be implemented going forward.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
to all my readers ( is it double figures yet?)


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