The real problem isn’t that exams are dumbed down – it is that we rely so much on them – Telegraph Blogs

Do have a read of this.

I really like his analysis of the problem of exams.

It’s just like one of those frequent pieces that analyse what’s wrong with the NHS, only to then go on to tell us that the only solution is to privatise it!

Why do were keep seeing these pieces, which analyse the problems clearly, only to then offer a cure that is worse than the disease?

Could it be that they are merely disguised adverts, ‘hidden advertorial’ as it were, written purely to sell their conclusion – privatisation, colleges setting their own exams, whatever?

I’m not saying that all Telegraph bloggers are in the pay of the Adam Smith Institute.

I am saying that I’m available to blog for pay.

Maybe Play England would like to hire me to praise their track record of the last 4 years on my blog?

I’ll do it for £200 per day, which is the same fee that they charge per person per day for the Quality in Play training, isn’t it?

I reckon that’s a bargain.

(I haven’t checked)

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